Update on suspension of bowel surgery at Noble’s Hospital

| December 20, 2012 | 0 Comments
Noble's Hospital Main Entrance

Following the suspension of colorectal (bowel) surgery at Noble’s Hospital last month, the Department of Health can advise that an independent review has now been carried out by a team from North East England. Colorectal surgery was suspended after a series of complications occurred over a two month period – but all were complex rather than routine cases – with the initial findings indicating that the level of complications does not exceed the national average.

The Department is awaiting a final copy of the report and any recommendations before it can consider resuming colorectal surgery. In the meantime, patients requiring this type of surgery are being treated at a specialist unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, to which very complex cases are usually referred.

Mr Upsdell, Medical Director at Noble’s Hospital, said: “Following the suspension of colorectal surgery, we’ve moved swiftly to instigate an independent review, which has now taken place. Whilst it has become clear that our rate of complications has not exceeded the national average, given that they happened in a relatively short period of time, we remain of the view that it was prudent to suspend colorectal surgery at Noble’s Hospital. This sort of suspension is just a precautionary measure and is quite routine where a hospital sees a spike in complications; so it’s simply a matter of best practice in ensuring the highest standards of patient safety. Those who require elective colorectal surgery are receiving treatment off-Island, so no patients have been disadvantaged. We now await the formal report and its recommendations in the New Year.”

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