The Claremont Hotel Back Prom Renovation Proposal

| August 4, 2011 | 1 Comment
Mark Wilson - Sleepwell Hotels

The Claremont Hotel is supporting the government’s proposal to invest £10 million into the renovation of Douglas Promenade. The restoration which is set to take place over the next four years will see the tired prom transformed, addressing issues such as parking and the horse trams.

Sleepwell Hotels, owner of 3 Hotel properties in Douglas Promenade has recently spent over £1 million on a first phase of Luxury Suites at The Claremont Hotel on Loch Promenade, as part of an ongoing project which has seen the hotel recently upgraded to 4 Stars. A further £1m investment is scheduled for over the winter this year with the addition of more Luxury rooms and a new Reception and Lounge area. Mark Wilson, Managing Director of Sleepwell Hotels remains very positive about the government’s plans for the promenade renovation: “In the long term this is fantastic news. Of course the work will cause some short term disruption for us and our guests regarding parking, noise and possibly pedestrian access, but we must look at the bigger picture and the future benefits. At the Claremont we constantly strive towards providing our guests with a luxury service and high quality environment, so this Government initiative dovetails precisely with what we, in the private sector, are also achieving. I’m sure that everyone with a promenade business will also benefit from the creation of a more scenic, accessible and enjoyable environment.

“It is also worth congratulating the government for this bold investment. In these difficult economic times the government should be applauded for their contribution to the community, which I am sure, will also be of great benefit to the economy. The Isle of Man may never be the tourist destination that it once was, but an investment of this kind can only be positive news for industry. At Sleepwell Hotels and The Claremont in particular, we are eager to discover specific details of this restoration, and would welcome Government consultation on this initiative, when appropriate’’.

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  1. Kevin Warren says:

    As a photographer who travels the world and stays at the Claremont when on the Isle I have to say the best thing that can happen to Douglas and the Isle is a whole scale renovation of every room on the prom. The Claremont’s luxury rooms that have been renovated are fine indeed. Sound proof glass should have been part of the plan however as every peep on the street below is heard and the loud trucks in the ally at 7am wake you up in the rear. Visitors for the TT which is but one reason I visit now have no reasonable expectation of a decent room. The Fun Fair during the TT SHOULD NOT BE ON THE PROM.
    I don’t know who benefits from the Fun Fair but it’s not the hotel guests paying double or triple for a room or the Coast restaurant which quite frankly was busier tonight (9/23/11) than any night during the TT. Given it’s local kids only at the fair who inevitably end up drunk on the street as my experience tells me it should be outside of town where locals can enjoy it without causing more madness in the already overburdened Prom area. Think hard and plan well for this renovation as it may just be the draw that could enhance and persuade travelers visiting the Isle for many years to come. With such a concentration of multi-national companies here for the tax benefits they should be providing support in the way of low cost loans and personal investment in the redevelopment of the Prom.

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