Sure makes good progress upgrading its mobile network and delivering super fast 4G across the whole island

| May 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Having partnered with the Chinese telecoms company Huawei Technologies, great progress is being made on the replacement of Sure’s entire existing network and the implementation of an island-wide 4G high-speed mobile data network.

Andy Bridson, Chief Executive of Sure Isle of Man, said: “We all know from personal experience that the lifecycle of technology moves at lightning speed; no sooner have we bought something than the next model is on the shelves. Mobile networks are no different, and this investment in our new network will see us through to the end of this decade when we expect to see fifth generation mobile networks in the Isle of Man.”

“The use of mobile data in the Isle of Man will, without doubt, follow what happens in the rest of the world, where global predictions indicate that, by the end of 2020, 95% of the world’s population and 100 billion “things” such as vehicles, meters, medical devices and home applications will be connected via mobile technology to the Internet. Our investment in 4G ensures our Island remains competitive and with the most advanced and up to date mobile technology. Within the same timeframe, we can expect our cars to drive themselves and our body monitors to self-diagnose medical problems without a trip to the doctor!”

“By early 2015, 4G will allow us to watch high definition movies at home without the need for wires; in other words, without the need to pay for that increasingly redundant home phone line.”

“Our new network will be completed throughout the Island by mid-November, providing every person and home with a 4G mobile data experience that will blow your mind – instant e-mail delivery, instant high-speed video, instant Facebook… and a driver for your car!”

Cyrille Joffre, CTIO of Sure, added: “Our partner, Huawei, is a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider, with the technical expertise and experience to implement a cutting-edge communications solution in the Isle of Man. Their proven track record in delivering 4G/LTE solutions across the world is reassuring as we enter into a project of this scale.”

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