Statement by the Speaker of the House of Keys

| February 28, 2014 | 0 Comments

Speaker of the House of Keys, Steve Rodan has today issued a statement in response to this week’s press report in which Peter Karran MHK made reference at a meeting to “a system of government that is institutionally corrupt”.

Steve Rodan said: “Having been approached by and spoken with a substantial number of Members of the House of Keys, and discussed the matter with Madam President, I am confident that I reflect the general view of Members when I deprecate these remarks. Although Mr Karran referred to the Island’s Government system, that includes Tynwald Court and its branches and Committees, which scrutinise Government – a job they all do very well. His accusation is patently unwarranted and untrue, and casts a slur on all Members of Tynwald. Words like “corrupt” and “corruption” are heavy with meaning, and if cast around loosely like this without justification are deeply damaging to the general interests of the Island. In addition, they are grossly offensive.

I am proud to serve in Tynwald, which is admired by other Commonwealth countries as a model to follow, and I was proud to serve in the Island’s Government as a minister.

However, Mr Karran appears to be keen to slur the Island’s good name. Anyone off-Island reading this who was unfamiliar with the Isle of Man is certainly going to wonder what sort of place the Isle of Man is like.”

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