Next phase in Ramsey regeneration underway

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The next phase in the regeneration of Ramsey town centre is underway, with work focused on improvements to Parliament Street between East Street and Tower Street.

The latest scheme will involve the widening of the footways, enhanced lighting and a flat table-top traffic calming feature on Parliament Street at the junction of East Street/Parliament Street.

Footpaths will be reconstructed and finished with the same granite pavers used in previous phases of the Ramsey regeneration project in order to improve the pedestrian environment and provide a more easily cleaned surface.

As part of the scheme, rainwater downpipes that currently discharge onto the footway will instead discharge into a gully which will be piped to the road gutter.

A new surface water drainage system will also be introduced in Parliament Street to overcome problems associated with localised flooding caused by heavy rainfall. In addition the public utilities service providers will take the opportunity to renew their underground services along Parliament Street while the highway is being refurbished.

The new roadway will be finished with a coloured bitumen macadam rather than stone in order to reduce the construction time, reduce the costs, and reduce staining by vehicle oil.

On completion of these works, vehicular traffic will continue to be accommodated along Parliament Street in a one-way direction from East Street towards Court Row.

Alan Bell MHK, Chairman of the Ramsey Regeneration Committee, said: ‘There is no doubt the investment that has been made in the centre of Ramsey is benefiting the local economy. Figures compiled by Ramsey Town Commissioners show that new businesses are setting up in the town and the community is working hard to make the most of the new public space created in the heart of the town.

He added: ‘From the outset, the Town and Village Centre Regeneration Scheme has been focused on supporting economic growth in our retail hubs and Ramsey is now a shining example of what can be achieved when the community works together to direct funding where it is needed.’

Pedestrian access will be maintained to every business, retail and domestic building adjacent to the works and an unobstructed pedestrian route along Parliament Street will be provided throughout the construction period.

Parliament Street will be temporarily closed to through traffic between East Street and Tower Street until 27 April 2014. Vehicles are being diverted along Christian Street, Albert Road and Tower Street.

Prior to 17 February, vehicular access to shops and buildings located on Parliament Street between Christian Street and East Street will be maintained from the Christian Street/Parliament Street junction by making Parliament Street two-way between Christian Street and East Street.

From 17 February until the completing of the works, access to these premises will be maintained by allowing through traffic to travel along Parliament Street as far as East Street and then onto West Quay via East Street.

Work on the future phase that will connect the stretch of Parliament Street from Tower Street to Court Row will follow on from this scheme. Details of road closures and diversion plans will be provided in advance of the works.


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