New start-up reflects times of change and challenge for Island

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Perform’s John Danielson. Picture Andrew Barton

As the global economy changes so too is the Isle of Man’s.

Against a background of changing customer habits and structural reforms across Europe and further afield new start-up Perform LLC has been swift to recognise that to succeed businesses must re-imagine how they do things or, as Perform’s principal John Danielson puts it, ‘Businesses will have to think ahead to outperform the competition.’

Joint owner of Perform with accountancy firm Crowe Clark Whitehill LLC and with a background in corporate finance and business planning, chartered accountant Mr Danielson has more than 15 years’ consultancy experience working with clients that have included Land Securities, John Lewis, Wellcome Trust, Bloomberg and the UK government. ‘I’ve helped businesses “man up” to and make challenging decisions with confidence,’ he said.

‘These may be times of change but with change come opportunities for creativity and new ideas. In the Isle of Man, we’re seeing a shift away from the traditional to the more sophisticated business model and this is leading to some real success stories.

‘We want to help clients think ahead. Successful businesses have well thought-out plans, efficient processes and people with the right skills. These are businesses wholly focused on their customers that use information to best advantage. Their structure needs to make the most of their future, not reflect their past.

‘By combining new thinking with the pedigree of Crowe Clark Whitehill, an accountancy firm with a strong local reputation built over more than 30 years, we are well resourced to offer the breadth of services to help businesses succeed.

‘Perform’s about adding value. When a client comes to us they’re buying an external perspective. We encourage them to seize opportunities and we work collaboratively with them to develop a flexible and tailored business solution.’

Perform wants to get to know its clients. ‘We’re not interested in making a quick buck; we want to really understand our clients – and that very often means being a challenging voice – because only then can we can start adding that value.’

To prove the point Mr Danielson said Perform would be offering a free initial piece of work and some free training, ‘Because I’m confident prospective clients will like working with us and value what they get.’

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