MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot hit four times over the holidays

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The MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot was hit four times between 25th and 31st December, making it a very memorable holiday season for 47 lucky winners.

After being changed significantly in March, the MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot is usually hit almost weekly, and it pays out to multiple people each time. The jackpot is triggered when a player loses with Four of a Kind, Twos or better, and it pays out to everyone on that stake who has opted in. Hitting four times in less than a week is unprecedented.

The MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot is unique for three reasons: it hits very frequently, it pays out to many people at the same time and there is no admin fee, so all the money paid by opted-in players gets paid back out to the winning players.

Traditional Bad Beat Jackpots are less player-friendly than the MPN’s. They hit every few months and pay out to only the players on the winning table. Plus, there is frequently a 10% administration charge, making the jackpots poor value for the players.

Lydia Barbara, Head of Network Games at Microgaming, adds: “It’s great to win prizes year-round, but somehow, winning a Jackpot at this time of year is extra special. Congratulations to all the lucky winners.”

The Bad Beat Jackpot is just one of several player-friendly features introduced to the MPN in 2013. It was a busy year, with two new platforms introduced (Mac OS client and HTML5 mobile), Blazing Cannon, Achievements and a flurry of other releases, all built to enhance the player experience and increase the fun factor in online poker.

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