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Microgaming Health & Care Trust

The Microgaming Health & Care Trust (www.microgamingtrust.im), is pleased to announce another substantial donation in the local community with the provision of life-saving equipment to support Noble’s Hospital.

The Microgaming Health & Care Trust has funded the purchase of a much needed Ultrasound Scanner, Phototherapy Fibre Optic System and Panda Infant Resuscitating Monitor, which will be provided to separate departments in the hospital. The purpose of the machines is to save vital minutes by treating patients and to help provide speedier diagnosis.

The Ultrasound Scanner will be located on the Medical Unit and will make a difference to patient outcomes by early intervention for potentially life changing conditions, such as chest problems and rheumatology conditions, and assist the doctors in performing liver biopsy procedures.

The Phototherapy Fibre Optic System is required for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Named the Biliblanket, this new piece of equipment is vital if a baby has been born with jaundice. The blanket is wrapped around the baby to enable parents to bond with him or her, while the baby is still receiving the necessary treatment. Previously, a baby had to remain in an incubator to receive the essential phototherapy. Noble’s Hospital is now also equipped with an additional state of the art Infant Resuscitating Monitor for new-borns which is immediately available on the maternity ward in the event that a baby is born requiring resuscitation.

Bev Critchlow, Chief Nurse at Noble’s Hospital, commented: “We are very grateful to the Microgaming Health & Care Trust for supporting our patients and staff. The equipment they have funded will be used on a daily basis and will make a real difference to our patients. On behalf of our patients, their families and our staff I really would like to thank them”.

Dr Roy Clague, Microgaming Health & Care Trust Chairman, added: “The Microgaming Health & Care Trust continually seeks to fund projects where there is a gap in the local community, and where the outcome benefits Isle of Man residents. We are delighted to be providing these three pieces of essential equipment to the hospital to assist health professionals with the diagnosis and treatment of life changing conditions”.

For more information on the Microgaming Health & Care Trust, or to make an application, please visit www.microgamingtrust.im.

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