Manx Telecom Upgrades To Offer Better Service

| September 20, 2012 | 0 Comments
Eddie Cleator, Manx Telecom Network Systems Manager

Manx Telecom has upgraded its email service. The new system, which came on stream last week, offers faster speeds and greater reliability.

Announcing the successful switch over to the upgraded network, Eddie Cleator, Manx Telecom Network Systems Manager, said,

“With over 30,000 active accounts, is the largest and most popular Manx-based email platform and plays a vital role in the lives of both individuals and businesses on the Island. We, therefore, decided to make a significant investment in order to completely revamp and replace all the hardware and software, which runs the system. This involved a tremendous amount of work by Manx Telecom’s engineers and our key suppliers, all of which had to be done while keeping the system operational. Projects of this size and importance always run the risk of incurring problems, however, I’m glad to say that as a result of meticulous planning, plus the skills and dedication of our engineers, there has been minimal disruption and the new system is now up and running, providing an excellent service.”

Manx Telecom expect that the upgraded system will have the capacity to cope, both with the growing number of users and the increasing volumes of email traffic on the site, and will prevent any difficulties which some users have may experienced, prior to the system being upgraded.

The company stressed that users of addresses don’t need to make any changes to their settings or other aspects of their account; these will remain as they are currently. In addition to being faster and more stable, Manx Telecom also claim that the newly revamped system will enable them to offer enhanced email and related services, which they hope to introduce in the near future.

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