Manx Telecom launches Island’s first live in-store 4G demo

| March 26, 2014 | 0 Comments
Manx Telecom Marketing Director David Smith demonstrates the in-store 4G versus 3G speed test

Manx Telecom this week launched a live in-store demonstration of its eagerly anticipated super-fast 4G mobile service as the company continues to make good progress towards its goal of launching the network this summer. Customers can now visit the store in Strand Street, Douglas, to experience the significantly faster mobile broadband speeds for themselves. The company carried out tests on the technology early March which demonstrated upload and download speeds up to seven times faster than those currently experienced on their 3G network. 4G will allow customers to download music, upload photos, play games, stream films and watch HDTV, faster than ever before. Trials have also given clear indications that 4G will mean better mobile coverage indoors and outdoors. The more recent tests follow Manx Telecom making the first on Island test calls over a 4G network, in December 2013.

David Smith, Manx Telecom Marketing Director, said the company was expecting significant interest from customers in the live in-store demonstration. He said:

“Our goal is 4G for all – we want as many people as possible to have access to our brand new 4G service when it launches and we’re confident our customers will be impressed when they see 4G speeds for themselves. We’re aware that local consumers have a higher than average appetite for new technology and these ‘early adopters’ will be very keen to enjoy the benefits of 4G network when it’s launched. Figures from two recent surveys, carried out here and in the UK, showed 70% of Isle of Man respondents own a smartphone compared with just 56% in the UK. The surveys also indicated that 60% of Isle of Man respondents use their phone to access the internet compared with 47% in the UK. We were also pleased, but not surprised, to see that 81% of Isle of Man respondents were aware of 4G mobile technology. All of these figures, combined with the fact that we will have a competitively priced world class 4G service, gives us every confidence that there will be a big demand from existing and new customers.”
The Ofcom figures quoted are from a UK door-to-door survey conducted in the first quarter of 2013, and the Isle of Man survey was commissioned by Manx Telecom and conducted online by HPI Research in January 2014. Both were based on samples representative of national populations.

Manx Telecom says that trials conducted to date suggest its customers will be able to use the 4G service to download a song or game, or get the latest app, in a few seconds rather than the normal two to three minutes currently experienced. TV shows and even HD films will typically buffer in around 30 seconds rather than minutes. Even though full details of coverage and tariffs will be announced nearer to the launch date for the service, Manx Telecom is already reporting healthy sales of ‘4G ready’ smartphones at its Strand Street store. Mr Smith added:

“Over 55% of smartphones purchased are now ‘4G-ready’, and with Manx Telecom’s attractive trade-in scheme I’d encourage our customers to actively consider upgrading to a ‘4G ready’ smartphone. Even though the launch of our 4G service is a little way off, 4G is now live in store on over 25 devices, giving our customers a tangible demonstration of what to expect from the Island’s leading mobile service provider.”

For more information customers are encouraged to call in to the Strand Street store, or visit

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