Manx Junior Netball League goes undercover thanks to Celton Manx

| February 25, 2013 | 0 Comments
L-R: Back row, center left to right: Suzie O’Reilly, Bill Mummery, Executive Director, Celton Manx, Louise Skelly, Marie Skillicorn, Isle of Man Netball Development Officer

Young netballers in the Isle of Man are set to come in from the cold this year after Celton Manx announced its sponsorship of the junior netball league. Support from the global online sportsbook operator means funding will be available to hire indoor courts, as well as buy new kit and equipment and raise the sport’s profile, explained Isle of Man netball development officer Marie Skillicorn.

‘We’re thrilled that Celton Manx has chosen to sponsor the junior league where numbers are increasing, so their support opens up new and exciting ways how we can work with schools, help clubs expand and access better facilities. It also means we can offer improved incentives through developing an enhanced awards programme, in particular for the Youth Umpire award. This sponsorship will also bring greater structure to the league, making it more professional and so hopefully attract more players. For my part it’s fair to say Celton Manx is truly “on the ball” when it comes to community support.’

Celton Manx executive director Bill Mummery said: ‘We are keen to encourage sporting endeavour, especially among young people. For Celton Manx, it’s not about nurturing the next generation of elite athletes, it’s about supporting people of all abilities to develop their potential and discover or, in some cases, rediscover the enjoyment of sport. Marie and her colleagues are doing sterling work inspiring young netballers so we are pleased to be helping the junior league “go undercover” and we look forward to following their progress during 2013.’

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