Lombard Manx staff become Muckers for a Day!

| December 17, 2013 | 0 Comments
Lombard Manx volunteers

Staff from Lombard Manx, led by Area Director Gareth Rowlands, recently became Midweek Muckers for a day when they joined the Manx Wildlife Trust’s regular nature conservation volunteers working at the charity’s Cooildarry Nature Reserve near Kirk Michael.

Under the guidance of Reserves Officer, Tricia Sayle, the Trust’s regular conservation volunteers, or Midweek Muckers as they’re more commonly known, carry out a wide range of jobs throughout the year to maintain the charity’s 22 nature reserves. Tasks change with the seasons and include hay-raking, ditch clearing, tree and shrub pruning, fencing and path building.

The task at Cooildarry continued work started earlier in the year to remove tree debris caused by storm damage that occurred back in March. Last month, a team from Lloyds’ PhoneBank concentrated on clearing debris from the pond area of the reserve whilst the staff from Lombard Manx focused on clearing the pathway behind Glen Wyllin village.

Gareth Rowlands said, “Helping the Midweek Muckers at Cooildarry has been very rewarding. Our sister company, Isle of Man Bank, has been a longstanding Corporate member of the Manx Wildlife Trust and we’re delighted to have had the opportunity to get involved with the practical side of the charity’s work.”

Gareth went on to say, “The Midweek Muckers are a hardy bunch who are fully committed to taking care of Cooildarry and the Trust’s other nature reserves. They’re also very lucky in that they get to meet like-minded people and see the beauty of the reserves and how they change throughout the seasons. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our day with them.”

The Manx Wildlife Trust thanked Lombard Manx for their support and is looking forward to working with them again in the future.

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