Live Below the Line – and find out what it’s like to survive on £1 a day

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Over 1.2bn people around the world still live in extreme poverty with £1 or less a day to exist on. The Live Below the Line campaign – taking place this year between 28th April and 2nd May – challenges those of us who live in more comfortable circumstances to see what life is like over five days when you only have £1 each day to buy all of your food and drink.

Live Below the Line takes place each year and seeks to highlight global inequality and the fact that while the world produces enough food for everyone, millions of people go to bed hungry every night.

The campaign is being promoted by the One World Centre, along with other organisations in the Isle of Man, and will see the participation of at least two of the Island’s Government Ministers – Food and Agriculture Minister Phil Gawne (who is also chairman of the International Development Committee) and Infrastructure Minister Laurence Skelly.

The One World Centre has put together a top tip list and a potential menu for anyone contemplating taking up the challenge – and there are lots more recipe ideas on the Live Below the Line website at

One World Centre Co-ordinator Rosemary Clarke, who will also be “living below the line”, says, “In truth it is difficult to come up with very exciting menu ideas on such a restricted budget – and it is likely you will be hungry. But the point of the challenge is to give some insight into what 1.2bn people are facing each day – and you have to remember that for them £1 has to cover all their living expenses, not just food and drink.”

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