King William’s College Society to hold 125th Anniversary Celebrations

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King William’s College

The King William’s College Society has big plans for its 125th Anniversary celebrations on Friday 13th June and Saturday 14th June, as College grounds become the venue for international Rounders games, classic cars and bikes, and visiting alumni from across the globe.

The Society, which was founded in 1889, has the prime object of keeping former pupils of both King William’s and the Buchan School in touch with each other and the School. The Society is the principal body for alumni of King William’s and the Buchan School across the world.

The President of the King William’s College Society, Mr Peter Clucas, and the Directors of the Society have planned a range of social activities over the weekend of the 13th and 14th June to which all alumni are invited, wherever in the world they may be.

The programme of celebrations is intended to attract the whole spectrum of alumni, their relatives and friends. With that in mind, the celebrations will commence on the Friday evening with a champagne reception and dinner in the splendid surroundings of the Barrovian Hall at King William’s College.

This gathering will be hosted by the 2004-05 Year Group of former pupils lead by Flight Lieutenant David Bellamy, also celebrating their ten year reunion. On the Saturday morning there will be a traditional service of matins (Book of Common Prayer) in the School Chapel of St Thomas at 10.30 am. The service will be conducted by the Chaplain in the presence of the Very Reverend Nigel Godfrey, MA, Dean of St German’s Cathedral, who is a former pupil of King William’s College. After the service, alumni and their families will be offered trips around the College for the chance to see how it has changed since “their day” and to relive a few memories before returning to the Barrovian Hall for a buffet lunch.

In the afternoon, a wide variety of activities has been planned to entertain everyone present, particularly young families. To begin with, the All England visiting Under 14s Rounders team will play an All –Island Under 14s Rounders team. The Upper Sixth leavers will be fielding teams and the Year Group 2004-05 will be taking on an All-Comers team. The Classic Car Club and Vintage Motorcycle Club will be providing static displays of vintage cars and motorcycles to add to the entertainment. Children’s sessions will also incorporate play activities for 4-7 year olds in the Gymnasium and Swimming Pool. For 7-11 year old children, the Swimming Pool will be available under the supervision of competent staff. Finally, refreshments will be served on the Pavilion with the cooperation of the Domestic Bursar.

Commenting on the weekend of planned celebrations, Peter Clucas, President of the King William’s College Society, said: “I am looking forward to meeting and socialising with formers pupils of College, the Buchan School and their families, as are my fellow directors. The weekend marks a significant anniversary for the King William’s College Society and it is hoped that alumni and their families will be able to join in the celebrations surrounding this important occasion.”

Invitations will be dispatched by e-mail or surface mail from the Alumni Relations Office at King William’s in the near future.


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