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When bosses at the Curraghs Wildlife Park found new partners for two lovelorn residents, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company was on hand to lend its support.

In the past few weeks the Company has helped transfer a male Red Panda and a female Brazilian Tapir to the Island so they could move into their new home in Ballaugh.

The Park already has a pair of Red Pandas, but the new male Kush, from the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland, will mate with the Park’s breeding female in the next year or so.

Curraghs Wildlife Park General Manager Kathleen Graham said: ‘The Panda enclosures have never been better to view as there is so much activity within them. The arrival of Kush has really livened things up and he is always visible and has been very active.’

Young female Tapir Louka, from Cerza Zoo in France, has joined the Wildlife Park’s male Tapir Thackery, who sadly lost his longstanding companion Clanger last year when she passed away at a good age.

Kathleen added: ‘Both of these animals are arriving as part of the European Endangered Species Program, which the Wildlife Park contributes to.

‘In the wild, both Red Pandas and Brazilian Tapirs are vulnerable species, chiefly due to the loss of their habitats. The intention of bringing these younger animals here is to increase the chances of breeding, which given their vulnerable status is extremely important.

‘I’d like to thank the Steam Packet Company for their ongoing assistance in helping us organise the transport of these special passengers.’

Steam Packet Company Chief Executive Mark Woodward added: ‘The Wildlife Park is a popular and important attraction in the Island, and the breeding programmes it supports are vital for threatened species of animals.

‘We are always pleased to be able to help support the Park’s work, and I look forward to hearing news of the arrival of some baby Red Pandas and Tapirs.’

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