Isle of Man IT Expert Offers Information Security Checks

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In the light of the latest offshore banking data leak at Kleinwort Benson Jersey, Isle of Man IT consultant Steve Burrows of SBA Ltd is offering local companies the opportunity to have their Information Security (Infosec) provisions reviewed by an independent expert. Mr. Burrows is a Chartered IT Professional and Chartered Director who understands all aspects of corporate IT governance, security and compliance from an executive and board level perspective. He has over 30 years of practical information security experience as a consultant and a Chief Information Officer, including leading electronic security measures for a secret British military establishment. Mr. Burrows said:

“SBA commonly reviews information governance provisions as part of our wider assessment of corporate IT for our clients. In the light of the latest leak in Jersey, which follows on from similar leaks in Switzerland, Singapore and the BVI’s, it is obvious that offshore banks, CSPs, lawyers and accountants are being specifically targeted. The UK HMRC and the US IRS have both indicated their desire to receive stolen data which might help their tax investigations, and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is similarly keen to receive confidential data about offshore accounts. The Isle of Man has been fortunate so far in that little confidential data has reached the public domain, but it is clearly an attractive target for the snoopers.

A leak of confidential data from an Isle of Man bank or fiduciary service provider would be very damaging for both the source company and the island as a whole; it would inevitably undo recent good work by the financial services community and the government, and re-establish a widespread perception of island as a tax haven. Consequently SBA is providing the information security element of our corporate IT review as a stand-alone service. We offer a quick and inexpensive review of an organisation’s information security arrangements in order both to give the board and executive assurance that their information security measures appear adequate and effective, and where necessary to identify those areas where an organisation may need to improve in order to ensure that the threat of leaks and electronic espionage is appropriately managed.”

SBA Ltd is a Business IT consultancy serving clients in the UK, Europe, the US and the Isle of Man.

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