Isle of Man Alcohol Advisory Service Rebrand

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The Isle of Man Alcohol Advisory Service has recently changed its name and rebranded under the umbrella of ‘Motiv8 Addiction Services Ltd’.

The service will shortly launch a new drugs support service, ‘DrugAware’- a new provision for adult drug users and their family members. This new initiative will see an addiction professional attached to the existing team who will offer counselling and support in the community and a dedicated prison service on behalf of the Island’s Mental Health Service.

The Alcohol Advisory Service was established in 1978 and has a long standing reputation of providing confidential support to those affected by problem drinking, including support for their families.

Thea Ozenturk, Director of the service said:

“As this new development is about to launch and the service has grown to embrace other addictive behaviours, it makes sense for us to consider a new umbrella name to encompass all aspects of our service provision. It is wonderful to see the service which has kept a confidential approach to helping those affected by alcohol problems now expanding into other areas of addiction. The importance of offering a low key anonymous provision in a small community is crucial if you want those affected to feel that they can come forward for help.

Addictive behaviours are very comparable whether its drugs, alcohol or gambling. The issues that people face in life that spark an over reliance on substances and damaging behaviours are similar. The existing team of addiction trained professionals will be expanding their roles to work across all client groups to embrace the challenge of providing this new service.”

The philosophy of the rebranded service is to offer help to all those affected by addiction not just the individual with a range of therapeutic interventions, including one to one motivational counselling, hence the name Motiv8.  In recent years AAS 12-21 was developed, offering services for young people affected by their own or parental problem drinking and more recently GamCare IOM, offering a support service for those affected by problem gambling.  The charity is welcoming the challenge of adding drugs misuse counselling with DrugAware to its growing portfolio of interventions.

Steve Chell, Head of Mental Health Services said:

“On behalf of the Department of Health I would like to say how pleased we are to engage in a new contractual relationship with Motiv8 for the provision of a range of essential support services. Motiv8, formally the Alcohol Advisory Service, is a well established, respected, independent organisation who will continue to provide high quality services where confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed. The organisation’s willingness and ability to expand in response to presenting need is testament to their commitment to the Island’s community.”

Member for Mental Health Services, Mr Leonard Singer MHK, said:

“It can take a great deal of bravery just for someone to admit that they have an addiction problem, let alone taking that first step to come forward to seek help and support. For such a small, tight-knit community, confidentiality is of paramount importance, and that is what can be assured of with Motiv8. The expansion of the charity’s services to now include drug addiction, which will also cover the Isle of Man Prison, is a very welcome development and will help those of all ages who struggle with drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction to receive high quality support.”

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