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Sometimes it can take a while for new technology to find it’s way to the Island but that’s about to change – or more accurately, it already has.

As an Island, energy prices are always likely to be higher here than the UK with the limited resources and inevitable “to Island” shipping costs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to redress the balance – that’s the raison d’être behind Optimum Energy Solutions.

A few companies have tried to diversify to satisfy the “eco market”. As a plumbing or heating company then “doing a bit of solar” seems like a good idea – how difficult can it be? Marc Asker from Optimum believes that client demand has forced such companies to try and accommodate their clients wishes and despite the best of intentions things haven’t always worked out. Marc comments “You can’t blame those companies that have tried to satisfy their clients demands, they’re trying to grow a business, but I’ve seen many installations here that could only be described as interesting. Our objective is to see that the Isle of Man doesn’t lag behind but leads – we are so uniquely placed to facilitate and encourage the uptake of new technology. I see no reason why we shouldn’t become a centre of excellence”.

The Optimum portfolio includes such products as solar systems, wind power, hydro electricity, heat pumps, thermodynamics (a really efficient way to produce hot water), wireless building management and kinetic energy systems – energy from footsteps. Products are available for both the residential and commercial markets.

Marc notes “We are introducing so many new things to the Island it’s really quite exciting. Thermodynamics are new to the Island as is Pavegen which is energy from footsteps. We think he schools will love Pavegen. It’s a brilliant way to engage the students and this technology holds a lot of future promise. It’s a great marketing tool as well”.

To ensure the Island keeps up to date Optimum run courses in solar technology, wind turbines and other associated fields. The courses are run by trained professionals.

Two of the Directors have previously been accredited as consultants for energy efficiency so there is a wealth of experience available.

If you want to chat about the possibilities to generate or conserve energy, the people at Optimum would love to hear from you.

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