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Becky Martin (Hidden Hearing), Councillor Carol Malarkey (Mayor of Douglas), Dr. Hilary Jones, Melanie Pickard (Hidden Hearing)

Around 100 Islanders went down to the Villa Marina on Friday 21 March for a Hearing Care Event featuring celebrity guest, Dr. Hilary Jones. The exposition was the second of its kind hosted by local hearing aid specialist, Hidden Hearing and aimed to provide members of the public with the unique opportunity to consult specialists and hearing health care professionals.

The event took place throughout the day and gave Islanders the opportunity to enjoy a free hearing screening, free wax removal, and live product demonstrations from top hearing aid manufacturers. Guests were invited to speak directly with Dr. Hilary Jones after which he gave a presentation on “The Hidden Impact of Hearing Loss”. This was followed by a Q&A session featuring Hidden Hearing Isle of Man audiologist, Elaine Norris.

Dr. Hilary Jones, GP and breakfast TV health editor, highlighted the findings of two recent surveys conducted by Hidden Hearing on insights into the impact of hearing loss: “The survey shows that hearing loss has a significantly negative impact on people’s lives. 41% of those surveyed felt they were ‘missing out’ while 25% said they felt embarrassed. Common problems sighted were dropping out of social situations, misunderstandings and broken sentences, and general frustration. Hearing loss doesn’t only affect the individual but others around us as well. Regarding the impact on friends and family, 47% admit to ‘getting annoyed’ with having to repeat things and 18% have even stated that they have avoided engaging someone with a hearing problem in a conversation. The effects of hearing loss can truly have an impact on your life and the lives of those around you. I hope this event has helped those of you with any degree of hearing loss and I congratulate you on the first step, which is recognising a potential problem and seeking professional advice.”

Commenting on the day’s success, Elaine Norris stated: “On behalf of the manufacturers and suppliers present at the Hearing Care Event, we are pleased to provide such valuable support to members of the public and to help raise awareness of hearing loss and the solutions available on the Isle of Man. We were very fortunate to have medical expert and TV celebrity, Dr. Hilary on hand to meet guests and provide his views on hearing care. The day has been an immense success for Hidden Hearing. The event had a great turnout and in total we were able to provide over 75 hearing screenings and 25 full consultation tests on the day. This demonstrates the ongoing need for hearing care on the Island and with 1/6 of the Island’s population suffering from some degree of hearing loss, we hope that we can reach out even further to local individuals.”

Ms Norris continued: “Hearing loss is not often an easy problem to address. Arranging an appointment or even finding out where best to go in search of hearing aid solutions can often be a daunting task for our patients. Some people with hearing aids may find they have been supplied with an aid that is not suited to them or it has not been set up to work with the individual’s prescription. For these reasons, it is important to choose your hearing care provider carefully. Events such as this provide the ideal opportunity for our guests not just to experience the range of different technologies available in a single venue, but also to relax in a friendly, communal atmosphere where they can converse with industry experts. I enjoyed meeting new contacts and look forward to hosting similar events on the Isle of Man in the future.“

If you missed the event, are interested in finding out more, or would like a demonstration of any of the instruments or assistive devices available today, please call the Hidden Hearing hearing centre in Village Walk, Onchan or call on 01624 617 683.

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