Distinctive armbands will enhance customer safety

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DISTINCTIVE armbands will soon become an essential part of the dress code for door staff employed at local pubs and nightclubs.

The intention is to enhance customer service and safety by making security personnel more easily identifiable.

The fluorescent orange armbands, which will also hold door staff ID cards, are being supplied by the Isle of Man Constabulary’s Central Alcohol Unit, instead of the usual badge holders, at no extra cost.

This latest safety measure follows the launch of a specialist training course at the College of Further and Higher Education to improve the skills of security staff working at licensed premises throughout the Isle of Man.

Acting Sergeant Darren Bradford of the Central Alcohol Unit said: ‘The police, in partnership with the door security services and late night licensed premises, have led the drive, through the Licensing Forum, for the formalisation of all door staff wearing the new and distinctive orange armband. It really is a situation where everyone wins and will, I have no doubt, assist in ensuring the safety of staff and customers alike.’

He added: ‘The main beneficiaries will be people enjoying a night out. Anyone requiring assistance can now quickly and easily see someone they can turn to. The armbands also help to establish and reinforce the authority of the door staff, and allow easier identification of security personnel for police officers, for example when reviewing CCTV footage.’

The introduction of the armbands has been supported by the private security and licensing industries, working in conjunction with the Department of Home Affairs.

The bands are being distributed by the Central Alcohol Unit during official visits to pubs and nightclubs and will be a requirement for existing and new members of the door staff security register.

Peter Karran MHK, DHA member with responsibility for the Drug and Alcohol Strategy, said: ‘We are focused on maintaining the Island’s reputation as a safe place to live, work and visit. The new armbands will make door staff more visible and play a small but important part in helping people have an enjoyable and trouble-free night out. This is another positive collaboration between the public and private sectors and members of the licensing trade are to be commended for their proactive approach on matters relating to safety and customer service.’

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