Chief Minister supports Manx Telecom investment in world-class cyber attack prevention

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Manx Telecom’s new DDoS Protection solution can help defend businesses against cyber attacks which come out of the blue

Manx Telecom has launched a new solution to protect businesses from cyber attacks. Such attacks are made by a malicious party aiming to disrupt a website on the internet or any device connected to it and are estimated to cost the global economy £238 billion a year according to a recent Daily Mail report. Malicious users are often able to steal information or halt normal computer operation, with motives ranging from industrial espionage and revenge to financial gain and political aims. When an attack is carried out using more than one machine it is called a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, and it poses a serious threat for all businesses – especially those which rely on the internet. It is estimated that over 7,000 such attacks occur daily around the world – a number that has grown rapidly in recent years.

To combat this threat, Manx Telecom has launched a new DDoS Protection platform which is the result of a significant six-figure investment to bring a world class and cost-effective cyber security solution to its hosted and MPLS (Multiple Protocol Label Switching) internet customers. DDoS Protection from Manx Telecom is powered by Radware – a world leader in enterprise level DDoS solutions with over 50% market share including eBay, PayPal, Twitter, Groupon, and five out of the 10 top stock exchanges. Manx Telecom believes it is currently the only Isle of Man provider which can offer this level of cyber security protection.

Later this month, a select audience of Manx Telecom customers will be addressed by the Chief Minister Hon. Allan Bell MHK, where he will highlight the importance of technology and communications as part of Government’s Vision2020 strategy. Representatives from Radware will also visit the Island to provide further insight and understanding of how critical DDoS protection is for the Isle of Man’s leading, global online operators.

Mike Dee, CEO at Manx Telecom, said:

“With over one billion users today, the internet has become an essential tool for the vast majority of businesses. The downside of the internet is that it can be used to damage businesses. Our DDoS Protection solution offers many unique advantages to protect businesses from these threats. It is a fully managed, industry leading solution which ensures business continuity by protecting data networks and applications. We have made a significant investment to create a product which provides protection from both ‘flood’ and ‘low and slow’ application attacks and which uses sophisticated behavioural analytics to detect and mitigate attacks from known and unknown sources. As we are the longest serving bandwidth provider on the Island with multiple, diversely routed, paths running East and West off-Island, this means we are able to manage volumetric attacks and mitigate the effects of any failure or attack scenario.”

Because businesses have differing cyber security needs, DDoS Protection has been made to be responsive and flexible so it can be set to fully automatic, or set to monitoring only with manual intervention. Customers using Manx Telecom’s DDoS protection can be assured of the highest standards of security and confidentiality as Manx Telecom is ISO 27001 registered and independently audited every six months.

Andy Petterson, DDoS Product Manager at Manx Telecom, added that customers using DDoS Protection would also benefit from the company’s world class customer service and support:

“As with all of our products and services, DDoS Protection is backed by our wealth of technical experience and expertise. We have the largest on-Island resource of security trained technicians, and our locally based Network Operations team provide support 24/7/365. We are confident that the unique qualities of our DDoS Protection solution, allied to this world class support, can provide the cyber security needs for all sectors of business on the Island.”

For more information about Manx Telecom DDoS Protection go to or call Manx Telecom’s Business Sales team on 636636.

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