Cable & Wireless Isle of Man Use of Technology Award

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Last night, Clive Anderson presented Simon Jones with the Cable & Wireless Isle of Man award for their ‘Use of technology’ at the Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence.

The event marked one of the most prestigious occasions in the Island’s 2012 social calendar and was attended by more than 1,000 people.

There were more than 100 entries for the awards and an expert panel of judges chose 48 finalists. Each category recognised the achievements of the private, public and charity sectors on the Isle of Man throughout the year.

Attended by the Lieutenant Governor, Chief Minister and leading members of the Island’s business, charity and political communities, the event spotlights the very pinnacle of Island-based innovation year-on-year.

Andy Bridson, Chief Commercial Officer of Cable & Wireless Isle of Man, said: “We chose to sponsor this award as it recognises those who share our own passion for taking ground-breaking technology and using it to better the lives of Islanders. I am delighted that the judges have chosen such a worthy winner in Intelligence.”

Intelligence was chosen by the judges because of the software based on their submission, a web content management system – ibWeb – being used by a number of businesses both on and off Island. More importantly, ibWeb is used by the ‘Isle of Man Where You Can’ website, which exists to drive international markets to the Isle of Man.

Simon Jones, Intelligence Business Development Manager, who collected the award, said: “It was absolutely nerve wracking, a night of mixed emotions. I didn’t know whether we were going to win or not because I hadn’t seen the submissions from others in our category. It’s fantastic – it was a fantastic night! There’s an awful lot of innovative things happening here and a lot of business being done. Allan Bell summed it up in his speech, really – we have the capability to grow on the Isle of Man.”

Mr Bridson added: “Since we came to the Island we have seen huge changes in communications technologies, the switch from standard voice and text mobile phones to smartphones, the evolution of internet-based TV services which led to the launch or our own ‘Sure TV’ service and – in business – the increasing use of Voice over IP and cloud technologies that both reduces costs and improves efficiencies. The speed of change continues to accelerate and with local businesses like these, the future of the Isle of Man promises to be very interesting!”

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