Barclays Wealth and Investment Management supports Isle of Man Funds Association event

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Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, in association with the Isle of Man Government and Isle of Man Funds Association, have presented to business leaders in London.

Guests heard from Paul Markillie, Innovation Editor at the Economist, whose speech “Are we on the verge of a third industrial revolution?” discussed the role which 3D printers could play in helping shape the industrial future, providing a highly bespoke print solution for the purchaser.

Ian Morley, Consultant to IOMFA and author of Morley’s Laws of Business and Fund Management, discussed the conflicting irony that “Without austerity, debt will never end, without growth, austerity will never end. Where we are now?”.

He said in the UK it was a case of perception over reality that austerity measures were working and that promises by governments (UK, European and USA) on health, pensions and other public services were unsustainable and would eventually need to be reduced, reneged and or eroded by inflation.

Mr Morley argued the Euro is suited to few countries in Europe, with the exception of Germany. For Europe, a “one size fits all” currency is a poor idea, he said, adding it is a straight Jacket to the different economic and financial landscapes of the many poorer and even some larger European countries that make-up the Euro-zone.

He maintained the US Dollar is the only world reserve currency at present. However, internal US politics are proving to be a catalyst in changing this. When this happens, it is expected that the US will go into decline, as happened in the UK when the Dollar overtook Sterling as the world reserve currency.

Partner at PWC and Chairman of IOMFA Peter Craig said: “The IOMFA event in London was a great one to be involved in and provided the London audience with thought leadership driven by the Isle of Man, cementing the Isle of Man as a financial centre of excellence.”

“In the future, we hope to take our message of the IOMFA to a wider audience and continue to deliver relevant, interesting topics to our guests. I would like to thank Barclays Wealth and Investment Management for their support of the IOMFA.”

Steve Clarke, Director, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management Isle of Man, added: “The event in London was incredibly well received, with over 80 guests from London attending, championing the funds association and the Isle of Man as a well-regulated international financial centre that fully co-operates with the UK government.”

“The guest speakers at the event were highly qualified experts in their area, providing guests with really good food for thought. Paul Markillie had previously delivered his speech to a group in the Isle of Man and it was so well received, we invited him to present to the London audience.”

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